Have you been waiting? SazzyPets is proud to bring you information about our latest update! How many people like playing games on their mobile phones? Well, take a little piece of SazzyPets with you wherever you go now! SazzyPets has already one mobile app released.

SimpleSazzy, available for download from the iTunes store, is a memory game created to improve your brain’s ability power.

Our latest game, SazzyDodge, tests your reaction time, and pits you against the first of our scary monster creatures, the DooBug!

What do you think a DooBug looks like? Send us your designs, and if we like them we may even use them!

Sazzy once found a cup of Strawberry Milk Tea, brewed by Uni's capable hands. She was surprised it wasn't pink or red, but instead a normal brown color.

"How come my tea isn't pink like my hair?" Sazzy cried, upset.

"Oh Sazzy, the world doesn't always work the way you think it should." Uni sighed, shaking her head. "We can try other teas next time if allyou are looking for is the outer appearance of the tea's color."

"No, I'll give it all a try. Gazzy says a princess should not judge others by appearances." Sazzy said resolutely.

"That's a good attitude to have, Sazzy." Uni smiled at her.

They both drank the tea, and Sazzy decided that even though it wasn't pink like her hair, she still liked it lots after all.

How are all you lovey SazzyPets today? We have some lore in SazzyLand, that whenever a scary mood approaches, you should smile! Before the monster eats you, of course.

Princess Sazzy is always seen with her companion Fluphina, who is said to be a scaredy cat. Sazzy is always seen to be comforting her if she gets bullied by other pets in SazzyLand. The great princess says that no one should be bullied, and that you can only be bullied if you let yourself feel bullied. No matter what anyone else does, Sazzy thinks that you should just treat it as a bad day and move on in life. Also tell a trusted adult about the troubles you're having.

That's the news for today on SazzyLand Press, stay with SLaP for more updates next time!

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