New Stage brings joy to SazzyLand

Article By Bader Bunny

Greetings, pets of SazzyLand!

The SazzyLand Press (SLaP) is pleased to bring you good news. The stage at the Sazzy Arcade is finally built! It will be used for a new dance game that tests the players' memory to repeat steps taught to them.

"I love this game! I can learn new dance moves all the time on this stage!" said Princess Sazzy. With the royal approval from the princess, many pets have been queuing up to try the game. The princess also recommends visiting Sazzy Drinks after the game.

"I always get so tired afterwards, so I like buying cold drinks or snacks after my workout!" Princess Sazzy said. When asked, the princess could not decide what is her favourite drink at Sazzy Drinks, but says she likes them all.

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An article by Bader Bunny
Greetings Sazzy citizens!

Bader Bunny here, reporting for the SazzyLand Press. The new year is finally here and the good folk of SazzyLand have been carrying out many celebrations.

“Isn’t it fun? I’ve been invited to many friends’ New Year’s celebrations, and even hosted a couple of celebrations myself!” says the still excited Secyna, hair stylist wannabe and full time fashion queen.

Besides having parties, I think everyone should find time to spend with their familes, and think back over what they have accomplished last year, and what they plan to do in this brand new year.

Do you know what a New Year’s resolution is? It is a decision made by a person during the start of a new year. This goal they want to achieve can be something like “I want to learn a new language”, or “I want to get better at Mathematics”, and the person tries to fulfil this resolution during the year.

My New Year’s resolution is simple. I, Bader Bunny, want to finish reshelving the book store and open it to the public! Do keep a look out for my store in SazzyPets the game!

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