About SazzyPets


Welcome to the land of eternal spring and music- Sazzyland!

Concept SazzyPets was created by a little girl's desire to build a game everyone could enjoy. With cute creature designs and an easy to grasp play style, we will surely have something you love!

Here, children can play games that groom their potential and thinking capacity. Parents can be updated on their study status and connect with their children, by playing the game themselves.

SazzyPets also has a line of merchandise that is designed by Sarah, its young creator. SazzyPets also supports charities, such as Operation Smile, and are working with them to help raise funds. Keep in touch for updates!

Story Once upon a time, there was a magical world called SazzyLand. SazzyLand was a beautiful place. It was always Spring, so there were many fruit trees with delicious fruits. SazzyLand also has special rainbow juice fountains that never stopped flowing.


Of course, the creatures of SazzyLand are very happy. Their princess, Sazzy, is even happier. When the citizens of SazzyLand see her, they would say, "oh look at the princess! Look at her pretty smile!"

According to legend, there is a reason for the good fortune of SazzyLand. A long long time ago, three fairies made a promise to protect the kingdom of SazzyLand from all evil. They also promised all who helped them will be given special gifts.

However, the fairies have not been seen for a long time. Most of the people in SazzyLand think they are just a myth. But Sazzy believes they are real.

"I know if SazzyLand needs help, they'll definitely come back!" Sazzy says. "But right now, we have other things to do! Can you help me?"
Join Sazzy on her way and enter the world of sunshine!



As a child, everyone dreams of fantasy worlds. Sarah was no different. But after dreaming it up, Sarah tried to make it a reality. Hence SazzyPets is now a line of adorable merchandise and cute pet designs, just waiting for their new owners to love them.

When Sarah is not dreaming up new characters and worlds, she loves to read, dance and sing, just like any other girl. Sazzy, the Princess of SazzyLand, and Sarah both love sushi and firmly believe in caring for the planet.

Although Sarah is only nine this year, she has already been on mission trips overseas to do charity work. She wants to donate the money from SazzyPets' merchandise to her favourite charity, and help more children and adults everywhere.

Sazzy a Goat
Princess of SazzyLand

Abilities: Learns quickly, runs very fast.

Quirks: Fidgety. Sazzy has to always be doing something, whether it's reading or running or learning to cook.

Character: Intelligent, active, competitive.

Likes: Sushi. Ice cream. Spending time with friends.

Dislikes: Unfairness, being bored.

Sazzy is full of life and joy. She loves learning and experiencing new things. Sazzy always takes care of the clumsy Uni, who is her best friend. Sazzy can be very competitive and focus on only her goals. This makes other people get frustrated with her sometimes, because she starts to ignore the advice of others.
Fluphina a Cat

Abilities: Good instincts/ lucky.

Quirks: She likes being around people she knows, so she will always try to follow them around everywhere.

Character: Excitable, simple-minded, shy.

Likes: Girly stories with happy endings. Being around people she knows. Learning new games

Dislikes: Meeting new people. Talking about herself

Fluphina doesn't make friends easily due to her shyness. She feel the most comfortable when Sazzy or Gazzy is around, and she will stick to them, especially Sazzy. Although she is usually quiet and nervous, when there is something interesting going on she will become loud and boisterous for the moment.
Gazzy a Rattlesnake
Advisor to Princess of SazzyLand

Abilities: Remembers all the books that he reads.

Quirks: Gazzy likes to surprise people when he is bored. When he is worried, he ties himself into loose knots.

Character: Wise, cautious, proud.

Likes: Japanese food. Listening to the latest pop music while reading.

Dislikes: Physical fighting. Changing his routine or experiencing something new, because he is worried something will go wrong.

Gazzy is intelligent and well-read, but he loves to sprout his own versions of proverbs, such as "a Gazzy on your side is worth two snakes on the other side". He is sometimes boastful because he is proud of his knowledge. Sazzy sometimes thinks he is bossy because of the way he tries to get her to be more princessy.
Berdie a Tiger
Sazzy's bodyguard

Abilities: Good at sporty, physical activities.

Quirks: When it rains, Berdie gets restless because he cannot go out to jog. He likes to go running around in the fields outside town everyday.

Character: Stubborn, brave, lazy.

Likes: R&B and jazz music. Hamburgers and western food. Relaxing in the shade.

Dislikes: People not listening to him.

Berdie is very athletic, but he is always lazing around. When he has to, he will speak his mind frankly. His bold character gains admiration from others, yet they get irritated as well because he doesn't like to open his mind to new ideas. Berdie always believes everything will be ok and is very fond of Sazzy.
Uni a Unicorn
Trainee cook

Abilities: She can cook very well and make medicine from plants and fruits.

Quirks: When someone wastes food or litters Uni gets angry and confronts them, even though she is usually calm. Uni bumps into things or trips over when she is day-dreaming.

Character: Compassionate, dreamy, clumsy.

Likes: Pasta. Going out with Secyna and Sazzy to shop, clothes with patterns.

Dislikes: Being rushed while working. When her new recipes turns out weird.

A klutzy dreamer, but courteous and kind. Uni always moves at her own pace but if her friends are in danger she will do her very best to help them out with her cooking and medicine skills. Otherwise, she can cause trouble because she doesn't pay attention to normal things.
Secyna a Hen
Hair stylist

Abilities: Good at hairstyling and fashion.

Quirks: When Secyna gets splashed by water or rain, she always panics and squawks while flapping her wings, because she doesn't want the water to mess her nicely styled feathers.

Character: Dramatic, creative, hard-working.

Likes: Sparkly, pretty clothing. Styling other people's hair. Entertainment programs like dramas and soap operas.

Dislikes: Patterned fabrics. Getting wet. People who are not hard-working.

Although she wants everyone to think she is naturally glamorous, Secyna works very hard to look good and dress well. She loves watching dramas and has a flair for being flashy. Secyna thinks Sazzy is not hard working enough for a princess, so she always reminds Sazzy to do her homework.